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Dedication, Experience and Loyalty

Pacific Ocean Marine Insurance Brokers, Inc., is now recognized around the world as a leader in the insurance of commercial fishing vessels, especially Tuna Purse Seiners, and also the insurance of aquaculture risks and aviation.

Currently, Pacific Ocean Marine Insurance Brokers, Inc. of San Diego handles all the insurance needs of approximately 50 purse seine tuna fishing vessels.

But now, not only are we specialized in the Tuna Industry, but all forms of Ocean Marine Insurance. We offer unparalleled coverage in all forms of the Ocean Marine Insurance industry.

The experience, knowledge and expertise of Dan Hof, owner and leading marine broker, is unmatched in the industry. His DEDICATION to handling all aspects of this business with over 30 years of experience is also unmatched.

Our Company’s specialized EXPERIENCE gives our many varied clients, and indeed, their underwriters, not only 30 years of involvement in this business but an environment that brings together the necessary risks management, loss control, claims handling and management, coupled with relevant and specific marketing knowledge and skills to allow them to do what they do best, catch fish!

Our Staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year. The service provided to our clients is based upon a solid understanding of the industries we service. In the event of an accident, we are focused to ensure our clients resume their business operations as soon as possible.

In an evolving environment where both the maritime and marine insurance industries are moving through considerable change, it should be a comfort to our clients that the traditional approach to servicing their insurance needs will be maintained.

Our clientele have benefited considerably from our LOYALTY and the commitment of Pacific Ocean Marine Insurance Brokers, Inc. over the years. And now we are proud to say that our clientele base is expanding into all of the Ocean Marine industry.

Please check our “Products” below to see what coverage we are currently offering and what would work best for you!

We at Pacific Ocean Marine Insurance Brokers, Inc. are proud to represent the following companies:

ACE Property and Casualty Insurance Company

ACE Fire Underwriters Insurance Company

ACE American Insurance Company

American Eagle Underwriting Managers

American Modern Insurance Group

Bankers Standard Insurance Company

CHUBB Indemnity Insurance Company

CHUBB National Insurance Company

Executive Risk Indemnity Inc.

Federal Insurance Company

Great Northern Insurance Company

Hallmark Aerospace Insurance Managers

Maritime Program Group

Pacific Employers Insurance Company

Pacific Indemnity Company

Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company

USG Insurance Services, Inc.

Vigilant Insurance Company

Westchester Fire Insurance Company

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